MASTERY show, part 3

And the last photos from the opening.

Gerri Spilka:

spilka-gerri-works-1-email spilka-gerri-presentation-5-email

Heide Stoll-Weber:

stoll-weber-heide-works-1-email stoll-weber-heide-presentation-3-email

Kit Vincent:

vincent-kit-presentation-5-email vincent-kit-works-3-email
Detail: vincent-kit-works-8

Margaret Wolf:
wolf-margaret-presentation-4-email wolf-margaret-works-2-email


Show MASTERY: SUSTAINING MOMENTUM that opened at the end of May will be on till the end of November.
I was at the opening.  In this post I will show some pictures from that day. 2016-05-marina-show-1-email

The Dairy Barn is a nice venue still in need of some improvements. They are working on it. The Barn has just got new exhibition panels. The next step should be lighting. So far it is not adequate.
My apologies for the quality of the pictures. The spotty lights did not help.

People at the opening:
mastery-show-22-email mastery-show-13-email

12 artists were presented at the show, each with 3 big size works and a few smaller ones.

Bonnie Bucknam:
bucknam-bonnie-presentation-6-email bucknam-bonnie-works-2-email

Nancy Crow:

crow-nancy-presentation-11-email crow-nancy-presentation-5-email

Judy Kirpich:


kirpich-judy-works-3-email kirpich-judy-works-5-email

Colleen Kole:
kole-colleen-works-3-email kole-colleen-works-4-email

Other artists in the next post.

New show is now on

Show logo   A show that I am very lucky to be in opened in May, 2016, in The Dairy Barn Center in Athens, Ohio. It will be there till the end of November, and maybe will travel afterwards (it is still uncertain).

It is MASTERY: SUSTAINING MOMENTUM curated by Nancy Crow (she is also one of 12 artists represented in the show).

You can see more info in my SHOWS page.

I will show some pictures from the opening in my next entry a little later.

Tools are important

I am a tool junkie and own lots of tools.  Some turn out to be of no much use, others I cannot imagine my work without.  Here are a few that I cherish the most.

Tools for wall To keep my pins handy when I am working at my design wall I use a common magnetic wrist band from a hardware store (not from sewing notions) that I pin to the wall. For my marking pencil I have made a pocket that I also pin to the wall. Sometimes I also find it helpful to have around a ten-inch cut of the measure tape.


Tools  These are some of the other tools that I use a lot: an Olfa 60 mm rotary cutter;  a Clover ball point awl (for undoing seams, for holding fabric under the machine needle, for many other things); a ten-inch cut of a measure tape; a Gingher thread snip that I always keep at the sewing machine (much more convenient than scissors); the best marking pencil that I have ever come across — General’s 558 series white charcoal (just the right softness!); quilter’s weights to hold down fabric while cutting it.  Mine have become old, the plastic on them is cracking, but I do not know where to buy new ones.

After a pause

A work moment in Nancy's class    For personal reasons I was out of the field for about five years.  Now I am back at my design wall.  I am working again.

My sewing machines had to be cleaned and tuned, my cutting tools cleaned and sharpened.  A couple of scissors even got rusty.  What a shame.

For all of you who took interest in my site and sent me emails with a request to notify them when it is ready — thank you very much, please excuse my long silence.  Welcome to the new and improved website.

I will continue posting here from time to time, telling about my work, sharing things that interest me, etc.

Some older works made in the colourwash technique will be added soon.

I am going to add more links to other artists’ sites (see Links in the ABOUT section).

Studio is ready!

Many artists and craftsmen like to see others’ studios. I definitely do.

So here is my studio.

First as it was in August 2005 when the construction was almost over. There were still some unfinished details in the interior, but I was already working there. A huge difference after a few years of working in a rather small bedroom in the old house (even though it was the biggest bedroom).


Huge cutting table in the back, quilting table on the right

Cutting table (6 by 6 feet) and sewing table with a set-in machine (on the left)

Some of my fabrics (I keep them by color and light to dark)

DCF 1.0
DCF 1.0
DCF 1.0

Construction. The beginning

Construction of my studio began in 2005.

In 2004 we bought a house that had an extra garage with the idea of turning it into a studio.

DCF 1.0

2004. The garage wall and door will go away, and the garage will be enlarged to include  the space under the room on the second floor.

DCF 1.0

2004. The garage before the construction started.

DCF 1.0  DCF 1.0

2005. Things start to take shape.

DCF 1.0 DCF 1.0

The man who made it all possible: Matthew Stitzlein.